Over Eight Decades of Distinguished Design

OBMI is a global master planning, architecture and design firm, with a rich history of shaping the architectural landscape of Bermuda. The OBMI approach is inclusive, innovative and transparent. We believe building relationships with our clients, is the foundation of a successful project. Our diversified portfolio includes a selection of high-end residential designs, large-scale commercial and civic projects, boutique-style resorts, and a variety of retail and restaurant makeovers. We also offer services dedicated to small projects, and a program committed to assisting seniors on a variety of home renovation projects.

As the oldest firm in Bermuda, OBMI has a huge archive of original drawings of properties that spread island wide. In the 1930s, it took two pages of drawings to build a house. It can now take over 40. But the architectural vision and passion that drove the company during its infancy is still in place today.

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“To be relevant, architecture should aspire to raise our collective sense of worth and provide a backdrop for our shadows to play.”
MIBA. Regional Director