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Turning a house into a home


There is no doubt buying a house comes with a great sense of accomplishment. But transforming that house into your ‘forever home’, is on a completely different level of pride and satisfaction. Unlike the real estate market, there is no particular high-season for home renovations in Bermuda. Of course starting in the cooler months would certainly put a smile on your contractors face, but once you’ve decided that your ready…then the time is right. At that point, there are two fundamental steps that will determine the success of your project. One is establishing a realistic budget. The other is selecting an industry expert who has the credentials, influence and reputation of turning dreams into reality. How do you find an expert who holds those valuable qualities? By following these tips from a global leader in architecture and design…

  • Ask around for referrals – whether at a cocktail party or BBQ on the beach, home renovation is always an entertaining topic. Fittingly, gathering valuable information and creditable referrals are easier than you think.
  • Speak to past & present clients – unlike referrals, these are the folks who actually had (or in the process of having) a project completed. Rule of thumb is if they love the outcome, they’ll be more inclined to talk about their experience.
  • Visit previous projects – go around to homes of friends and family to view their completed projects. Visiting commercial projects completed by certain firms, is also an excellent way to gauge the quality and design of work. For those interested in hiring a landscape architect, a stroll through intricately landscaped grounds can bring much inspiration for your landscape project.
  • Meet the team – You will work extremely close with your architect, landscape architect or interior designer. Building a relationship based on trust and integrity, will be paramount in the success of your project. Initial meetings with potential design teams are highly recommended to establish a sense of confidence towards the firm.

With over 80 years of experience in shaping the architectural style of Bermuda, OBM International certainly checks all the boxes. Our team of award winning professionals are dedicated to providing each client with the best solutions to suit their style, budget and timelines. Whether your project requires an architect, interior designer, landscape architect or master planning, the OBMI team will work with you to encapsulate your vision. Through that philosophy, OBMI has achieved the reputation of being a leader in creating ‘forever homes’.

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Originally Published in the Bermuda Real Estate Handbook