Meritus Trust

Hamilton, Bermuda

Having designed the Corporate Offices for Meritus Trust at their former location, OBMI was honored to have been asked to assist once again with their new space.

5,500 SF of office space, boardrooms, filing and wet bar was fit out to incorporate both vintage and bold hues of blue and gray. With some of the interior walls and doors in place OBM redesigned the space to accommodate an open office environment. The lobby was opened to provide natural light to the core of the building though to the far end of the space. The floor finish was replaced with a linear carpet tile subtly identifying the Meritus  “M” on the overall floor pattern.

Open plan furniture was custom designed with some existing furniture reused throughout. The look, both fresh and contemporary with an undertone of tradition, has a higher appeal to both clients and occupants. Meritus Trust is a “family working for families” and we are so very pleased to have been adopted.

The interiors successfully express the Meritus Trust values of integrity and independence and provide a professional yet elegant atmosphere for work.

Centre of Excellence

Urban Lifestyle


Commercial / Civic


5500 SF


Board Rooms, Large and Small Offices, Open Workspaces


Interior Design, graphic design


Meritus Trust