Lancashire Insurance Group

Hamilton, Bermuda

The young, dynamic work hard/play hard personality of Lancashire Insurance Group is perfectly expressed by its new office environment; modern, sleek, comfortable and perfectly efficient. The fluidity of the space is enhanced by natural light and curved walls of glass with Lancashire’s corporate colours represented in silvery gray metallic finishes throughout, accented by flashes of bright orange back – painted glass. Lancashire’s commitment to its people is paramount. Every aspect of the design encourages open communication and interaction from the euro-style open plan work station layout. The Game Room provides an outlet, and the large kitchen space which houses the entire staff – supporting workspace collaboration and feedback platforms. Following LEED design standards to encourage alternative transportation, shower rooms and personal lockers are designed into the interiors, to accommodate bicycle commuting.

Centre of Excellence

Urban Lifestyle


Commercial / Civic


2-Floors, 2 Conference Rooms, Kitchen & Bar, Entertainment Room


Interior Design


Lancashire Insurance Group