Hamilton, Bermuda

As it approached its 15th anniversary, IPC Re Limited decided to mark the occasion by giving its offices a more modern look, The company felt the change was needed, and in fact in keeping with its development as a business. When IPC Re was established in 1993, its employees worked out of temporary offices on borrowed furniture and it operated with the assistance of the venerable reinsurance firm, American International Companies.Today the company has a permanent location inside the AI building.

To create its new look, IPC Re turned to Susan Behrens, senior architect at OBM International, for assistance.

Our real challenge, because we were working with such a narrow area, was to maximise space. The company’s offices and public work areas are testament to that aim. If one can apply the concept of minimalism to an office, this is it. The actual workstations and their furnishings are streamlined, yet practical with breakout areas for meetings and sliding panels for privacy. The workstations are paired with Krug guest chairs, covered in the custom-made fabric. Clean lines and recycled space played a big part in the transformation of the offices. Renovations to the building’s interior provided an additional 800 square feet.

In the end, OBMI designed an open office space, with two state-of-the-art conference rooms, in an elegant, modern and streamlined manner.

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