Horseshoe Bay Transportation Hub

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

OBMI Bermuda was requested by the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Tourism Authority, to redesign the existing beach and parking access at Horseshoe Bay. The scope included the development of a sustainable landscape and waste management system, at Bermuda’s busiest beach.

OBMI designed separate pathways and pedestrian waiting areas which were integrated safely away from moving traffic. By redirecting existing roads, the team was able to create a safe public walkway to the beach, eliminating the need to walk through traffic.

The design also included the development roads and circulation point to manage Bermuda’s public bus fleet, along with segregated public parking and private transport areas.

OBMI Landscape Architect Jennifer Davidson assisted in the development and implementation of the rain water management system. Her concept included a design to redirect water to swales at the edge of the road, and incorporating ‘grass-crete’ permeable parking hard surface that drains naturally.

The addition of safer walkways, designated parking and water management system, has enhanced the experience of pedestrian and vehicular traffic at Horseshoe Bay.

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Government of Bermuda & The Bermuda Tourism Authority