Cedar House Lobby

Hamilton, Bermuda

The new Cedar House Lobby combines two former building entrances now accessed by a single cantilevered wood and polished concrete entry stair – a signature design feature in the space.   Our design brief for the new interior retrofit was to create a corporate lobby on Victoria Park that is bold, open, bright yet warm, global, reflective and inspiring.

The space fuses the interior and exterior by inviting natural light to play on the double volume photographic mural of Cedar Avenue circa 1900 – a tranquil dirt road lined with cedar trees harkening back to a simpler more peaceful time in Bermuda’s history. The design achieved a seamless blend between the old and the new successfully creating a space that would embody the essence of the design intent, an inspiring welcome to all that passes through the doors of Cedar House.

The Mural of Cedar Avenue really is the most important metaphor of what used to be and more so, of what actually could be.  We live in a period of time when the single most present concern is global warming. this is a reminder of how we should strive to get back to an environment such as this.  The lobby serves as a trunk with individual office spaces sprouting out as branches from it.

Centre of Excellence

Urban Lifestyle


Commercial / Civic


900 SF


New Corporate Lobby, Exterior Entrance


Interior Design, Graphic Design


Cedar Holdings Ltd.