Bacardi International

Hamilton, Bermuda

Honoring the classically modern Mies Van Der Rohe-inspired design, OBMI met Bacardi International’s need to create a 16,000 sq.ft. addition with a largely subterranean expansion. Looking through filtered sunlight of multilevel fountains and waterfalls with a new ‘green roof’ entertainment law the Barcardi headquarters is keeping within Bacardi’s company culture. This interior design extensive interior renovations and preservation of the existing signature bar. The project respectfully enhances and frames the original 1960’s Bacardi structure, now recognized as a Bermuda Landmark. OBMI has also carried out significant interior design renovations including the new Boardroom, entertainment areas, and newly completed state-of-the-art conference center.

Centre of Excellence

Urban Lifestyle


Commercial / Civic


Grass, Roof, Fountain Pool, Renovation of Signature Bar, Boardroom, Conference Center


Architecture, Interior Design


Bacardi International