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New L. F. Wade International Airport


Airports across the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the needs of the modern traveler. While speed and efficiency remains a top priority, the focus now includes the travel experience, and turning the mundane into memorable. With an in-depth understanding of this new reality, the design team of the new L. F. Wade International Airport, led by Scott Associates and assisted by their local partner OBMI, have ensured travelers arriving and departing Bermuda will have an entirely unique experience.

An Arrival Gallery Worthy
The teams’ focus on authenticity will be displayed in the terminal, with public art installations that illuminate Bermudian culture and customs. The conviction continues on the exterior, by showcasing vivid colours, tropical fragrances and rich flora that is indigenous to the island. The Bermuda airport redevelopment project is expected to be the perfect union of modern amenities, innovative solutions and sense of place.

Travelers arriving by air at L. F. Wade International Airport, will be welcomed by a visual exhibition of Bermuda’s culture and splendor. A vibrant display of scenic images will adorn the walls, while sculptures of the island’s native sea birds will soar high above the terminal’s sloping ceilings. Accompanying the birds of flight, will be a dazzling array of Bermuda kites. This centuries-old family tradition of flying colourful handmade kites during the Easter season, will serve as an animated means to welcome guests and invite them to embrace a piece of the culture that is Bermuda. Each creation will enhance a sense of place and deliver a gracious ambiance that the island is renowned for exhibiting.

A Park-Like Natural Environment
When arriving to the airport by land, one is welcomed by a series of lush environments carefully situated throughout the airport entrance and outdoor green areas. The landscape architecture was planned to serve as a tranquil garden environment rather than a sea of asphalt. The entryway resembling a park, will boast colourful oleanders and hibiscus hugging the edges, while nearby visually appealing recreational spaces are available for waiting passengers, drivers, and airport personnel.

Lush landscaping of hardy endemic and native plants with vibrant subtropical species, will surround a new expansive traveler patio. At the same time, the nature trail will transform the airport into an enjoyable space for guests and locals waiting for flights. Additional recreation areas are created through the mangrove plantings, and designed to naturally filter water runoff before entering the ocean and the nearby coral reefs.

Commitment to Sustainability
Sustainability has been a key focus of the project since its inception. The overall design objective is to mitigate harsh environmental conditions, provide onsite storm water management, create a visually stimulating landscape for travelers, and reflect both the developer’s and design team’s commitment to sustainability. All of the plant life is locally sourced or grown on-island. Each plant has been carefully selected to work in tandem with the subtropical climate and landscape of Bermuda, and mitigate the harsh environmental conditions that tend to be associated with typical global airports.

The overall design approach of L .F. Wade International Airport gives homage to Bermuda’s culture, traditions and environment, integrated with a modern and sophisticated terminal building and facilities. For all travelers, locals and visitors, the new terminal is expected to leave a positive and memorable impression of Bermuda for many years to come.

Originally published by: Visit Bermuda Magazine