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L.F. Wade International Airport – In Full Flight


The site of the new state-of-the-art passenger terminal at L.F. Wade International Airport in Bermuda, has experienced a major transformation over the past several months. The construction has been consistent and focused, allowing the vision of the architects of record, Scott Associates, to become well-defined. As the local partner, OBMI has been a valued member of the project team since inception.

The Progress

From the outside of the terminal, the scale and scope of the project can now be appreciated for its appeal and complexity. The development of the outdoor amenities, are well underway, including parking facilities, main driveway, passenger drop-off areas, water features, outdoor patios and entertainment areas. In addition, the canopy for the walkway has been completed, with the roofing for bus canopy in progress. From a landscaping perspective, locally sourced palm trees have been erected in its designated areas. The main entrance will be flanked by palms, while clusters of palms will be placed outside the drop off areas to endorse a park-like setting.

On the apron or aircraft side of the terminal, all six passenger boarding bridges have been delivered, tested and affixed to their respective gates.

Inside the new terminal can be describe as bright, airy and sleek. Soaring ceilings and full length glass, will promote a pleasant and open atmosphere for passengers who arrive and depart. On the ground floor, the terrazzo flooring is at an 88% completion rate, escalators are intact, check-in counters are compete, luggage carousels are at 97% , and the concept of new immigration and customs hall are becoming clear.

On the second floor, the arrival and departure gates are assembled. The U.S. pre-screening facilities are advancing, retail and duty-free stores are assigned, and the location of the designated restaurants and bars are unmistakably distinct.

The mechanical, electrical and technological components of the project are also progressing at a rapid pace. There is power throughout the terminal, with mechanical and electrical reaching 90% completion. At the same time, the IT cabling for the entire building is at 80%.

The Artwork

Travelers arriving by air at L. F. Wade International Airport, will be welcomed by a visual exhibition of “Sense of Place.” Last year, Bermuda Skyport along with Aecon Airport Constructors held two open competitions for Bermuda kite creations, and works of art. The artwork will be placed in Shadow Boxes that will adorn the walls throughout the passenger terminal. The Bermuda kites will ascend high above the sloping ceilings, along with an alluring display of sculptures designed to represent the island’s native sea birds. The winners of both contests have been selected, and are working studiously to complete their creations that will serve as a vibrant display of Bermuda’s culture and splendor.

Durability & Sustainability

The design employs a substantial amount of glass that was commissioned specifically for the project. Though the glass may appear delicate, each panel is able to withstand category 5 hurricane winds. It is the perfect blend of sophistication and resiliency.

Sustainability continues to be a key focus of the project. Every aspect of the exterior design was developed to mitigate harsh environmental conditions and improve storm water management. Minimizing the amount of asphalt within the exterior public areas, was a key element in the design. Vibrant colours and greenery will blanket the entrances, outdoor walkways, waiting areas and entertainment zones. Each plant has been carefully selected to work in tandem with the subtropical climate of Bermuda.

The New Year

As we enter 2020, the new passenger terminal at L.F. Wade International is nearing 90% achievement rate, making the project well on target with the scheduled completion date. Once complete, 2 Kindley Field Road will be transformed to showcase a unique, innovative and refined landmark which should fill every Bermudian with a sense of pride.