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Small Works is a division of OBMI. It is a menu driven program, which allows the homeowner to select their level of design services required for their renovation or new building project. It is perfect for the design of home offices, bedrooms, lofts, studio apartments and small cottages. Small Works is not limited to the interior of your property. Our chartered landscape architect can offer solutions to enhance your garden, driveway, entryway, personal outdoor spaces, and overall curb appeal. Small Works is also the ideal option to renew and refresh your Airbnb rental property.

Through focusing on a distinct scope of works, we are able to apply our expertise and offer innovative, cost effective design concepts. We work closely with our clients in developing options that take into consideration the size of your space, budget, time frame and future needs.

Most recently, to mitigate the health risk of COVID-19, companies across the island have adapted the “work from home” philosophy. In doing so, many of us are quickly realizing our existing spaces at home, are not very conducive to productivity. This is where our Small Works team can assist.  Our group of experienced professionals can offer excellent tips and advice on space optimization, design options and furniture placement. The best part is, you won’t have to leave your home!

Simply send us an email letting us know how you would like to improve your space. From there, one of our interior designers will work with you on ideas and solutions. Be sure to include photos so we have a clear conception of your space and requirements.

Ready to get started?  If so, send us an email to schedule a virtual consultation.

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