Spexx Eyecare – Interior Design

Hamilton, Bermuda

OBMI designed a modern and open interior design layout for Spexx EyeCare, with the objective of creating a welcoming space for both walk-in customers and optometry patients. A secondary requirement was to ensure the premises could easily accommodate expansion when needed. For the retail space and eye examination waiting area, our interior designer created an environment offering the unique balance of tranquility and visual stimulation. This was achieved through the use of a light coloured, “wood like” Luxury Vinyl Tile (LTV), white casework, warm greys, and pops of gold and orange, the vibrant brand colours of Spexx Eyecare. During their visit, clients are encouraged to take a step back in time and appreciate original eye exam equipment and artifacts, while the graphics in the pre-exam areas were designed to capture the history and evolution of the business. Entering Spexx Eyecare is truly an experience of its own.

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