Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning


When your mission is to empower students who learn best in a non-traditional school setting, the most logical approach is to create a learning environment that is equally as unique. That is precisely what transpired when the Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning (BCCL) turned to Vanessa Bean, Senior Interior Designer at OBM International in Bermuda.

The project commenced in 2017 on the second floor of Cedar House, and the scope included the creation of a bright and inviting atmosphere that was flexible, multifaceted and modern, while producing a calm and safe environment for students. By the time the project was completed, OBMI along with the collaborative project team, had created a unique, innovative and stimulating learning environment.The design matched the needs of the students and transformed the Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning into the ideal setting to employ their cutting edge teaching techniques.

Our design of the Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning received an Honourable Mention in the 2020 Building & Interior Design Awards presented by the Bermudian Magazine.

To read more about the project, learn the concept behind the design, and view additional images of the final product, click here!

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Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning